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"Larry Bottjen was able to help me out in a situation I was not sure how to attack. He created a custom DVD for my office to share with other offices and not only was it professional, it completely exceed my creative expectations! My staff thoroughly enjoyed the production as well as other team members in our bank!"

Aryne Kay Randall
Assistant Vice President
Wells Fargo




There are many factors that influence the cost of any production. The rates quoted here are ballpark figures only intended to provide an idea about the general cost of producing an event. A quote from DVD Technology is easy to accomplish and will give you a definitive answer to all your questions.

Includes three boxed copies, with full color photo on box cover and on DVD disk. Additional copies are available upon request, although DVD's are not copy protected, and clients may choose to make copies inexpensively themselves.
DVD Technology will coordinate, upon request, mass duplication for a minimal fee.

Depending upon circumstances and requirements, productions can easily cost more or less. Here are some factors that affect costs:

1. Number of cameras required: The more cameras operating at an event, the better the production will appear and also the more expensive it can be. Viewers have become accustomed to seeing events on television and movies where a dozen different camera angles are used. Variety is great and more than one camera is the means to accomplish this. However, this increases the cost because more editing is required.

2. Number of cameramen required: This provides more flexibility and insurance that nothing will be missed, but does increase the cost. DVD Technology often shoots events with several cameras and one cameraman, so more than one cameraman isn't required.

3. Coverage and complications: Are there speakers that required body microphones for clarity of voice? Are there several events occurring simultaneously that require coverage? Are there situations that are low light or difficult to shoot? Is there more than one location to shoot which requires time and travel?

4. Duration: The longer your event, the longer our cameramen are required to shoot. The more footage that is collected, the more time that is required to sift through and edit together the best content.

5. Editing and DVD Production: DVD's can be created with multiple menus, motion picture buttons, sub-menus, subtitling, menu transitions, music, chapter markers and just about anything you can imagine. Or, they can be created simply as well.

Typical one/two camera events:

Typical multi-camera events:

DVD TechnologyAbout Larry AwardsPortfolioSamplesTestimonialsSix ReasonsRatesContact Us