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Photo of Larry

"Larry was friendly, professional, and almost invisible as he worked the room to get the hundreds of images and sound bites needed for the project. Larry did great work for us. I highly recommend him."

Derek Peterson,
Executive Director
Institute for Community and Adolescent Resilience

Six Value-Added Reasons to Hire Larry and DVD Technology

#1.   "Life is a stage." Larry knows this with certainty. He has spent much of his life either in front of the curtain or pulling the strings from behind as an award-winning director and actor in dozens of stage productions. Larry understands the needs of the production, the performer, and the audience in order to tell a story. Click here for Larry's theatrical resume. It takes someone with an eye for the stage to make any event come to life with sparkle.

#2.   Connecting content: Larry was an educator for twenty-five years. When video production with computer technology became a reality, Larry left the educational field to pursue his passion for editing and videography. Those years of teaching have given Larry a unique ability to take content and present it in a way that is both understandable and inviting. Click here for Larry's resume and a list of the technology classes Larry has taught.

#3.   Established Experience. Plain and simple. If you didn't find this link before, click here to read what DVD Technology has been up to recently. From QuickTime to high definition, DVD Technology has the equipment, capacity, and skills to accomplish and enhance your project.

#4.   Award Winning - Not only does he blend his knowledge with his editing, video, communication, production, and technical skills for his clients' benefit, Larry has won several awards and prizes that validate his video efforts. Click here for the awards list.

#5.   The price is right. Larry isn't trying to make a killing on his work, and his price won't kill you. Check the prices of the competition and then get a quote from Larry; you'll see DVD Technology can produce exactly what you need in a practical time frame for a more than reasonable price. Click here for DVD Technology's rate sheet.

#6.   Best of all, Larry really likes what he does and he brings his enthusiasm to your project. If nothing else is amply apparent when you first meet Larry, this much is crystal clear: he is not your ordinary kind of guy. Larry has a unique perspective on life and his vision for your project will truly be one of a kind. Once you've discussed your project needs and ideas with Larry, he'll offer options and alternatives that will assist you in making your event all that it can be.


DVD TechnologyAbout Larry AwardsPortfolioSamplesTestimonialsSix ReasonsRatesContact Us